I’m here again: Consumer centric approach

What is it?

The answer so simple: that is the creation of a positive customer experience at the point of sale and post-sale.

Know the customer—–>Reach the customer—–>Deliver the experience

How can I get it?

It means the company is willing to invest in its customers for a long time. For this reason, companies must meet two conditions: 1) corporate culture based on people and 2) constant search for valuable aspects in conversations with customers.

The real growing come from those are not customers and they have noticed that your service is excellent and superior… 

Thus, it is very important to generate symbols that are easily released by the consumer. The key is generate symbols of extremism to the customer experience. But, how can I get it? Well, you need to have a deeply knowledge about your customer and consider the following:

  • Eliminating frustrating customer details: you have to work on eliminate dissatisfaction.
  • Establish processes that generate good customer experience, that means every employee should know how deal with customers.
  • Add symbols of extremism: Each experience should generate a conversation for the benefit of the company. “Good service is not enough.”

“Extremism symbols”

They are unique things that you can offer to your customer. For example: Return Policy, delivery time, etc.

They are simple promises toward clients which become tangibles and popular so that they can spread them in the market.

My post is a interpretation that I read from Steven Van Belleghem-Marketing News.



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