Everything starts in home!

My interest for the industrial marketing is because I started my professional experience in the Peruvian industrial sector. Today I am working in marketing but now I am very focus in the creation of the concept products.

To the creation, I am very inspired in Marketing 3.0 (Philip Kotler) which is to see the customer as a human being with mind, heart and spirit. It makes sense knowing the new trends that nowadays are emerging in the B2C sector.

However, the question is how we can apply those marketing 3.0 techniques for the industrial sector. Is it possible?  Finally, the essence of the companies is their people.

Absolutely, the essence of the companies is their people. Doesn’t matter if the company runs in the B2C, B2B, or whatever. All companies can aim toward more collaborative, cultural and creative transformation; and on this way spur spirituality: Spiritual needs are humanity’s greatest motivator, which unleashes deeper personal creativity.

A great example what I am talking about is the company HUBSPOT, some days ago I read a Spanish post of Blog de Inbound Marketing, and they highlighted why Hubspot is a successful company although they are relatively new.

Immediately, I related Hubspot case with marketing 3.0 and I’m sure that everything starts in home ­-I am using the word home to refer companies in a metaphorical way- because companies have their own codes of culture that form the DNA of their people.  Now, look theses important aspect of Hubspot culture!


My conclusion is that marketing is not only to apply to external customers but also internal. Hubspot’s case is a clear example of how a company, whose customers are other firms, have built a more human company – with mind, heart and spirit- through its culture. Hubspot works in its essence, in its rationale. Having a relationship with the company to their customers should be a great experience and overall competitive advantage over the competition.


By Eliana Rios


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